Our University provides scholarship possibilities for the admitted students who are in need of a financial support and/or successful students.

Scholarship: Scholarship is deducted from the total amount. As a principle, there is not any repayment. However, the students who have granted scholarships are obliged to work in the University activities in proportion to their scholarships and to succeed their courses. In case that the students, who are granted scholarships, fail their courses, they are obliged to make payment for the repeated courses.

The criteria taken into consideration in granting scholarships: Scholarships are awarded to the students who are in need of economic reasons and/or who are successful. Candidate's undergraduate graduation point, ALES scores, foreign language skills, extracurricular academic, social and cultural activities, work experience after the university and interview results are taken into account for the assessment of the success. The level of success expected from the candidate increase depending on the amount of scholarship the candidate requests. Scholarships are determined by comparing the levels of applicants each year. It is not possible to determine the extent of the scholarship in advance.

Scholarship applications are evaluated with the other application documents by the Admission Committee and the scholarships are announced with the admission list.

Unfortunately there are not any scholarship opportunities for the Special Students.